Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have to sleep!!!

I really need to sleep man. This nettech is beating the hell out of me. But I must admit, its fun. We are configuring routers, DNS servers, DHCP servers and a lot of other things. I was using Linux as my primary OS since past two semesters but now I am actually seeing the innards of the system. Half of my class time is spent with /etc directory. Its great man. Santu sir says that if you can read the /etc completely then you will master the Linux. I have started, though the directory is really huge. Me and Avinash are actully topping the Swapan sir's troubleshooting class. A couple of days before some girls asked me "What do you eat? You have answer for every question." Now how to answer such a question. I am planning to buy a domain name. I think I'll have it by the mid of june. See you on my domain later. :)

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