Thursday, January 21, 2010

Networking with Linux : The Mail Server, OpenWebMail

We now know how to set up a Postfix mail server, now let us talk about the User Interfaces. The Postfix server is a very robust MTA but sending mail everytime using telnet is not what we are looking forward to. So, let us talk about setting up a nice user interface. My two favorite interfaces are that of SquirrelMail and OpenWebMail. For a beginner I would recommend later because it is extremely easy to setup.
Now, I might show SquirrelMail set up in some other post. For now, let us talk about setting up of OpenWebMail. Download the package from here and install it (just double clicking it in Ubuntu will be enough). You might need to install some perl packages. Fire the command if you need Perl:
sudo apt-get install perl 
Once the OpenWebMail is installed, well, thats it. You got it!
http://localhost/openwebmail/ will open the documentation and http://localhost/openwebmail/redirect.html will open the login page. Sweet and easy!

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