Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fixing Gummi "Compilation program is missing" error

I use LaTeX, mostly beamer, for my slides. I really like the Warsaw theme and it has been the default for almost all my presentations since quite some time now. Gummi is my choice of editor for this since it is dead simple and I can see the preview as the slides develop in the side pane.
However installing Gummi in Fedora never pulls all the dependencies for me. So I always get a compilation error on a fresh installation. In this tutorial I am going to write about how to setup Gummi to fix that issue.

Step 1: Install Gummi
# yum install gummi

Step 2: Install compilation tools
# yum install rubber latexmk texlive-xetex

Step 3: Install beamer for the warsaw and other themes
# yum install texlive-beamer

Step 4: For presentations, I usually need SI units.
# yum install texlive-siunitx-svn31333.2.5s

And this is about it!

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