Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Difference between Facebook Page and Facebook Group

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website. It not only provide individual networking but also a means of advertising products and brand names. Companies like Google, Puma even sitcoms are using facebook to increase their popularity.
The two most important tools for marketing any product on Facebook are Facebook Page and Facebook Group. While both provide facilities like logo integration, member invites, discussion boards, video and image display, there are some important differences too.

  • A Facebook group can be created by anyone. It is not necessary that the creator of the group is associated with the product officially while Facebook makes it mandatory that the Facebook Page is created by the official authority of the product.
  • Facebook Page provides tools to track visitors stats and traffic. Groups do not have any such facilities.
  • One of the most important feature of Facebook Page is that it is indexable by the search engines. The reason behind this is that no login is required to view a Facebook page while Facebook group requires user login. 
  • Facebook Page has feature to add Notes, also blog posts can be imported as notes. Page also supports RSS Feeds. These features are not supported by Facebook Group.
  • Facebook Group Members can send out invites to other people to join the group where facebook page does not have the concept of members, instead they have this thing which is known as fans. And Fans cannot invite other to join the "fanship"
  • Instead of activity notification by Facebook group, Facebook Page sends update notification which is hard to miss and does not mix up with other posts on the user's wall.
If you own the product you are promoting then I suggest creating both a page as well as a group. Otherwise legally you can only create a Facebook Group, not a Page.

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