Monday, September 7, 2009

Windows Alternatives for Linux

A lot of Linux newbies complain that they can't run their favorite applications on Linux or that some files can't be opened or some codecs are missing, so on and so forth. Well its time that everyone should know that Linux has some pretty cool apps which can not only do your day to day work but can substitute ALL of your windows applications. Here is a list of some of the most common Windows applications and their Linux substitutes.

  • Office and Other Editors

    1. MS Office ->
    2. MS Office Word -> Writer
    3. MS Office Power Point -> Impress
    4. MS Office Excel -> Calc
    5. Notepad -> GEdit, KWrite

  • Internet and Networking

    1. Web Browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera) -> Web Browsers (Firefox, Opera, Epiphany)
    2. Chat Clients (Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger) ->UNIVERSAL CHAT CLIENTS (Pidgin, Kopete)
    3. IRC (XChat) -> IRC (XChat)
    4. Outlook -> Evolution
    5. DC++, Apex DC++, Strong DC++ -> linuxdcpp

  • Media Players and Tools

    1. Video Players (Windows Media Player, VLC) -> Video Players (Movie Player, VLC)
    2. Audio Players (Winamp) -> Audio Players (Amarok, Rhythm Box)
    3. Audio Editing -> Audacity, Traverso
    4. Video Editing -> Avidemux
    5. CD/DVD burning (Nero) -> Nero For Linux, K3B, Brasero

  • Engineering and Design Tools

    1. IDE for programming (Eclipse, Netbeans) -> Eclipse, Netbeans, Geany
    2. Circuit Design and Simulation -> Eagle, TinyCAD
    3. Project Management (Microsoft Project) -> openProj, dotproject
    4. Designing and CAD -> freeCAD, Blender, sweethome3D

More will be added soon :)

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