Thursday, October 15, 2009

Difference between Add-On Domain, Sub Domain and Parked Domain

If you have hosted a website somewhere then you must have faced the three types of domains and wondered what's the difference?
Let us assume that you own and
Usually you will always stick to sub-domain but here is the difference if you wanna know :-

  • Add-On Domain
    Here your two domains act separately from each other. No domain is dependent on other. If one is down other is not effected. Both will have different CNAMES, MX Records etc. Here you paid for the two domains.
  • Sub Domain
    Consider that your domain. Its a blogging site. Now you want to integrate a forum for then one way is to put the pages in directory or you can have by adding directory forum to sub domain. This doesn't costs you anything. You can have as many sub domains as you want (Some hosting services might put up an upper limit)
  • Parked  Domain
    Now consider a scenario where you wanted but have to live with After several years you got but now all of your friends know that your website is hosted at Tough situation. You can add a redirect but parked domain is an intelligent solution. Here you park over Now both of your domains points to the same folder. Here also you paid for both the domains

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