Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sneak Peek in Ubuntu 9.10

Just 15 days left for the release of Ubuntu 9.10. This release will see some major changes in applications as well as looks. Here are some of the features which you will see in new Ubuntu 9.10.

  1. Ubuntu has migrated to Upstart. It is expexted that boot time will reduced considerably because of this.
  2. Our old "Add/Remove is no more there, instead "ubuntu software centre" will be there to do the same tasks and a bit more in new Ubuntu 9.10.
  3. Empathy will now be the default IM client in Ubuntu leaving Pidgin behind.
  4. Ubuntu will come loaded with "Quickly" which enables developers to build software and share them easily using .deb or personal package archive.
  5. This version will have ext4 as the default file system. A high performance and disk utilization is expected.
  6. Ubuntu 9.10 will also introduce GRUB2 as the default bootloader replacing legacy GRUB. The older bootloaders will be updated automatically.
This is just a  glimpse. The monster is yet to be unleashed, so hold your breath!

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